Monday, May 28, 2007

It’s been a long time since I had my last drink of san mig ice cold. I think that was early week of February, and only finished half of the bottle). Dancing in the floor, bottoms up, flirting, hang over…how I missed this entire thing.

These past few months, my gimmick is limited to starbucks (paseo, morato, west ave), food trip (paseo, morato, west ave), tambay (shop o sa bahay), malling (gateway, rockwell)….

SO BOOOORRRRIIINNNGGG…..right!? I remember, someone actually told me that. Doh! I thought that’s all I need to live.

Until lately, I’ve realized that we need to be crazy at times. We need to unravel our accustomed lifestyle and let our soul roam and embrace the outrageous standard of living.

And it feels good.
It feels good to be dizzy.
It feels good to be able to drink 3 bottles of san mig ice cold beer
Vodka iced and Smirnoff taste very good as well.
It feels good to go home at2:30 in the morning. (I even forgot my key, so I have no choice but to call and disturb my dad at the wee hour)

Once in awhile we need it, just to refresh our mind.
It helps, yeah, somehow.

Next time, I challenge myself to finish 5 bottles of san mig.


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