Wednesday, December 31, 2008

farewell 2008!

goodbye to you.
you have a special part in my heart. because of you i became more strong woman with sense and sensibility.
i am not perfect (nobody's perfect ain't right?). yes, i must admit i didn't try harder to be as calm, as kind-hearted, as patience as i could.
no one to blame to, afterall i make my own choices and my own decisions.
but i do not regret anything in my life. all my experiences teaches me one way or another how to deal with life and its surroundings.

i know people misunderstood me. many believe that i'm a witch and a bitch. i do get hurt when they stab me. very often i show my sentiment, only to people very dear to my heart.they may see me emotionless, regard me like the stone in the desert, very stiff and hard, but i love you still, i love them all.

im so sorry for all the hurtful words.
im so sorry for taking advantage of your weaknesses.
i asked your blessings as i face the new year, new season of my life.

farewell 2008! thank you.


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