Thursday, January 1, 2009

things to do before i turn 30!

when new year comes, that's another 1 year add to my (and your) age. No, no not turning 30 yet (omg!). i wont tell you my age either. hehehe

willy revillame just show off his houses and cars featured in yes magazine in his tv program. gravacious! ang lalaki at ang gaganda. so

i have here listed things to do before i turn 30:

1. have a car (i pay on my own.....oh yeah, of course on my own. nobody would help me pay the amortization, not my dad, not my brother, not my mom...but only me.
2. visit europe or america!!!!!!
3. earn my first million! (if only i didnt lend any to anyone i would have probably earn my first million.....hahahahahhaha)
4. donate blood to red cross
5. pay the downpayment in a condo!
6. lose 20lbs! (that's my target this year!)
7. establish a new business venture
8. do bungee jumping


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