Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the yes man

im not a Jim Carrey fan. In fact i dont like him. He acts too OA. i saw the billboard of his latest movie THE YES MAN yesterday, and i don't have a plan to watch it. I never thought ill meet my friend, and the first movie he utter is lets watch THE YES MAN. alright, fine then. he's treating me, he's paying the bill so i just said, alright, lets watch it.

As expected, Jim Carrey it was as it should be.
Though in fairness, he is good. He can make you (and me)laugh.
and it wasn't all fun and laughter. the movie moves your interpretation of life. yes is the new no. is it? we cannot say yes to everything. of course not. who the hell would say yes when asked "can you give me your millions of savings?". hhmmnnn,,,on the other hand, that would do good to me.hehehehe

i learned and realized alot this day. not all came from that movie though.
do you have a friend, who is very positive. whose mind you love listening? i do and he is my therapist. hahahhaha.


~yAnaH~ said...

i actually have that movie here saved in my unit... ive been putting it off for like a week already... i mean watching it... is it a good one?

Jez said...

yeah, why not watch it then yanah. it'll move you and inspire you why and how to say yes to life...

hindi ko lang masyadong ma-absorb kasi katabi ko ang lalaking minsan nagbigay pintig sa aking inosenteng damdamin....hahahahah

Anonymous said...

Yes Man, similar ba sya dun sa book ni Danny Wallace? Nakita ko lang sa net yung book looks interesting.

btw,hope you dont mind me dropping by here. :p

Jez said...

hi rej! im not actually familiar with the book.

u are very welcome here, anytime. do come back :-)

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