Monday, February 2, 2009

it doesn't matter

there is a place in sagada they call "echo valley". if you shout any word, it would resonate unto you. and there i repeated shouting words and names when i was there years ago.

this past few days the phrase "it doesn't matter" keeps on echoing in my mind.

we're friends. it doesn't matter.
you look good. it doesn't matter.
you walk so sexy. it doesn't matter.
we talk. it doesn't matter.
we chat. it doesn't matter.
we dine. it doesn't matter.
i dream of you. it doesn't matter.

yes it doesn't. no matter i turn the world upside down, no matter i say what if....i should have done this and that.....if only.....all this thoughts in my mind, everything doesn't matter anymore.

i am aware of course, believe me i am. that night we parted ways i felt light and happy. i wish you all the best, im sure you know that. people may not understand our friendship, but it doesn't matter because we know in our hearts that we truly care for each other. and we are friends that all that matters to me.


~yAnaH~ said...

May 2008,i was there, shouting allmygrievances... al the pain im feeling, i screamed at the top of my lungs.. at the sametime i cried.. allthose years i kept myself from crying and unleashing my pain... has been unveiled in echo valley... echo valleyknows allmy secrets..
once in a while,is good to just let it all out the old fashioned way...magwala! ahihihihi,
its really nice up there noh?

Jez said...

true girl! sarap sumigawwwwwwwwww.


nice your post.. :) Bali needs to do something.. :)

_ice_ said...

makapunta nga jan.. pero di ko alam.. hahahah

pag ipunan ko nga yan..

musta na sis..

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