Friday, February 13, 2009

My Shopaholic Confession

Hi! My name is Jez and im a shopaholic!

I have forgotten so many things in my life, yet I can vividly remember the moment I was fascinated with shopping. Mom and Dad were scheduled for an interview at the us embassy. Since I got my paycheck, I told Mom that we will buy clothes for her to wear during interview. And there we were surrounded by shorts, skirts, pants, blouses, ties, tank tops, belts, sandals, bags, pants. That time, I felt I was Alicia Silverstone (of the movie clueless) having a huge closest. And for the first time, I also daydream of winning the “shop till you drop” promo of any credit card company so I could have countless of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories in my closet. Thinking of this put smile in my face. In a little while, mom had picked a skirt, blouse, and sandals and when she all wore them she is shining, indeed. Mom coached me in my outfit. She let me know if I fit or not the clothes I wear until I was acquainted with my own manner and style.

When we went to hongkong, I convinced myself not to spend a penny for shopping. I was only carrying one travel bag when we left the Philippines, but on our way back home I am bringing already two travel bag. The extra bag I bought in HK was full of shirts, blouses, pants, caps, belts, bags and accessories!

I admit, I have an inclination of being an impulsive buyer. I’ve bought blouses that I’ve wore once or twice only. One pant I even bought that I never wear.
It is still there in my closest, hanging and untouched with its price tag. I bought it two years ago!!!

That story goes the same with my books. I have lots of books I never read.
I have bags I seldom use. I have also one that I have never used.
I have sandals I only wore once.

I had no idea what pushed me to buy; I don’t exactly why; I guess it’s the strong feeling of connection and add-on to my life. “Yes, I know my limitations and my capacity. I am in control of myself and of my credit card.” I always tell that to myself, always! But who am I deceiving?? ? I am weak.

Just last January, I decided to stop for awhile so I cut my credit card into pieces. I paid all the remaining balances and called the customer hotline to cut their service. I was so happy when I received my billing statement with zero amounts due.

But since I earned points, I told the customer service agent to convert it into a gift certificate of store specialist. Talking about being tired, huh!

Catch “confession of a shopaholic “ in cinemas on February 18, 2009.


Mon said...

Shopaholic din ako eh!! Alah nga lang pang-shopping!! hehe!! Peru sa hirap ng buhay ngayon dapat window shopping lang!! heheh

payatot said...

ako nga rin e, window shopping na lang kase ang tao ngayon kelangan magtipid sa hirap ng buhay...

Jez said...

hayyzzzz.....i dont wanna think na mahirap ang buhay baka magkatotoo. ahiihihi

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