Wednesday, May 21, 2008

happy Birthday Apu Osping! (+)

2 years ago, as i was arranging some equipment for my (soon to open) hair salon shop, i received a call from my cousin, saying in a crying voice "zel, i apu osping....i apu osping ala neh" ("zel, grandpa has passed away'). ahhhh....i cried, right away i wanted to leave and go home then. but i am in the shop, taking care of the delivered items needed for our business....

i remember him, he was so obedient to his nurses and doctor. he didnt gave us hard time to take good care of him unlike other patients.

i remember, while he was lying to bed, he gave me look, a very calm heartwarming look as if telling me im fine, im doing alright, dont worry of me, i love you my apo, im so proud of you, take care of your cousins, make sure youre bonding will always be there,,,,,,,,and until now, bringing to mind that look makes me teary eyed

i remember, everytime i go home and visit him, he always give me a smile and i always hug and kiss him

yes, he was so strict then during our younger years. he wanted us to sleep during afternoon so we would grow taller but i manage to skip and hide.....heheheh
(i guess, thats why im not a supermodel now)

i remember, i told him to hold on, and wait until i introduce my boyfriend o husband to be. how could that be now?

it's my apu osping birthday, i feel bad i was not able to go home and visit him in the cementery because of work. i know he'll understand. anyhow, i told my cousin to whisper to apu that i am sorry.


Alvin said...

I just want to share the same feeling. Feeling of longing for the person who loves us UNCONDITIONALLY, who fills emptiness in our heart, who were there for us in absence of the persons who supposedly has an obligation to guide us.

I know my "Lola" did all that for me not because I love her but because she love me more. And that I could not repay. All I can promise is that I will do the same for my children and grandchildren.

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