Thursday, May 15, 2008

what would make people change?

With the growing campaign for the global warming awareness, from media to individual, from the streets to books, is the information reaching us?

it's a common knowledge that killing animals is bad, that killing trees would mean floods and no birds and thus, loosing rainforest; that dynamite fishing would endangered water creatures; that burning plastics would stir gases affecting the ozone layer.

but, common is not always common. if it is, then, global warming wont be an issue anymore.
we say we care for the environment, but do we truly put our careness into action?

think again.

we experience changes in weather. thus, increasing storms and floods is very evident. some countries experienced drought, wildfire rises, and even the life span of man is getting shorter.

what would make people change and give care to mother earth? i have here a listing of how we can show our love and care:

1. why drive, if you can walk if your destination is just few meters away. bicycle is another option...(besides it's good for the heart)

2.why use a drier (washing machine) to dry clothes, if the sun shines brightly...(it also lessen your electrical bill thus, mean extra money for shopping!)

3. have you checked your lights at home? your appliances? be sure to use energy saving and look for the energy star label...(this is another way to cut down electric expenses)

4. in some grocery outlet, they advised people to bring and use their bags instead of plastics or papers used by grocery stores, in this case you help save trees.


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