Saturday, May 24, 2008

ill sleep now...

its 12midnight now
and ill be leaving at 3:45am
so, does that mean i still have time to nap?
but if i sleep, im very sure i WONT wake up at 3am
and it would be history repeat itself again
the last time we had this, i received huge number of missed calls
and text messages asking my whereabouts
then, i realized i am VERY LATE with our depart time

OHH...but im done doing my routine of blog reading
i want to sleep. i want to sleep. i want to sleep.
i still have 3 hours. ill just set my alarm clock
goodluck to me!!! wahaahhahaha


QuaChee said...

haha this is a nice one. esp the fast readers i guess we sometimes dont see the typo errors lol

Falcon said...

i watched the video of the book The it was freaky..

But there have been times when the law of attraction had played an a part in my life

but im still pessimistic...

J E Z said...

(falcon): im reading the book instead because the video is costly
though, i havent finished reading it yet

its very helpful i must say.

its okei to be pessimistic at times but to be optimistic, positive and cheerful would be better

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