Tuesday, May 13, 2008

our meal for the night

Oooohhh gosshhh!!! i love maki, sashimi....
these two maki were our left overs. as much as i would like to finish them all, my stomach is full and can no longer accept any

when we ordered our food, we were

hesitant if we could eat them all...
nevertheless, i am hungry.

aahhhh...you see...
we had california maki, shake sashimi
gohan, tenderloin, yaki udon, ebi tempura

after a meal, we headed to where else! but starbucks

we got another complimentary beverage from starbucks. this freebies pop up in their cashier once and very rare. and arent we lucky! this is our second time to received a complimentary from them...!! wow!


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