Saturday, May 17, 2008

introducing blog to my mom

this morning i chatted with my mom, and i informed her about my blogging. surprisingly, she is interested. and asked me if we could talk again tonight so i could teach her.

oh well, i understand. sometimes, there are alot of things popping in our mind that we might blown it all badly if unreleased.

i first asked her to visit my site so she'll get an idea. she had fun reading. she even opened some bloggers in my link.
then, i taught her how to write and publish a new post.
she wanted to upload pictures, link other bloggers, and the like but told her one step at a time. for now, writing, editing and publishing new post is all she needs to know. the basic. eventually, she'll learn how to customize her blog.

blogging is not just for hype, for young, for techi. it's for everyone who has interest on it. thing i advised my mom not to write anything that is private,,,hahahahah


QuaChee said...

hey thats a good start :) ive intro blogging to my family as well. lol. let us know when yr mum starts a blog :)

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