Saturday, May 31, 2008

what are you grateful for?

as i watched news earlier, and witnessing how poverty dispossessed every rights of individual, i realized that there are countless of blessings that i should be grateful for. as i start to count them, i was astonished of the never ending list of thought.

thank you for:
1. the life
2. air i breath
3. water i drink
4. mind to think
5. eyes to see
6. ears to see
7. hand, feet, tounge, fingers, teeth, hair, nose, arms, nails,
8. laptop, cellphone & ipod i used
9. for my job and my salary. because of that i can buy my needs & wants
10. for the opportunity to travel
11. for my dad, mom, brothers, and all my relatives
12. friends
13. clothes, shoes, bags
14. food
15. "enemies" too - they make me stronger by breaking my heart
16. for the television, cable and internet and telephone
17. electricity
18. for the inventors of all this technologies that make our life easier to deal with
19. for all my teachers and schoolmates
20. for all this hollywood celebrities
21. for the cinema - where we can watch fantasy movies & documentaries
22. for all the shopping mall
23. for prada, louis vitton, dolce & gabana, monique lhuiller, dior, vera wang, valentino, versace
24. bayo, kamiseta, bench, penshoppe,
25. national bookstore and powerbooks so we could read and feed our minds
26. for learning the alphabet
27. for my dog

if i list them all here, today & tomorrow is not enough. as i've said it's an endless listing.

before i eat my meal, i make sure to say thank you. what i frequently disregard is saying thank you as i start my day, that is the time i open my eyes. Being grateful to anything and everything is one way of living a healthy life. i should practice saying thank you habitually.

have you say thank you today? what are you grateful for?


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