Wednesday, May 14, 2008

which invitation i should accept?

where should i go? whom should i accept invitation on may 24-26. geee..why did all this event were scheduled on same day? now, i dont know which occassion i should choose. hayyyyy......

1. angeles city - 1 1/2 drive -
my sfc family is inviting for the anniversary of the couple's for christ on may 25. it's a whole day program of worship and praise, laughter and fun. it will end at 6:00pm. afterwards, were heading to a resort for an over night swim. i missed my friends in this organization! it's been a year or more since i mingled with them.

2. bicol - 8 to 10 hours drive by land or 1 hour by plane
my bestfriend is inviting me for her BIG EVENT on may 25. she organized an EVENT and invited foreign speakers from US and AUSTRALIA. i wanted to go to support her.
afterwards, were going to the ocean for whale shark watching!!!!!! and wakeboarding!!!

3. tabuk - 8 to 10 hours drive by land (no available flights)
it's the baptismal of odama, my good friend yani's only child and only daughter!
i would like to come because it's also a special occassion. and besides, it's been a very long time since i spend quality time with her. after the occassion, were also going to tour the place

4. batangas - 2 hours drive by land
im with my officemates for an overnight swim. we're going camping, bon fire....


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